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Analyzing LPI Settlements
What We've Noticed

By James M. Parks and Rebecca Blake

Parties to class action settlements seek as much certainty as possible, especially with respect to timing and cost. Variety across different types of settlements—even within the same basic practice area—complicates accurate predictions. Read More.
Breach Response Preparation
What We've Noticed

By Justin Parks

Companies used to think about how to respond to data breaches after they experienced one. But while many companies spend more time and resources working to prevent them from occurring, some still don’t have plans in place should a breach occur. Read More.

ERISA Settlements: Planning for Success
What We've Noticed

By Kim Schmidt and Justin Parks

The administration of settlements involving Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) allegations includes several aspects... Read More 

Exhausting Post-Distribution Funds
What We’ve Noticed

By Kim Schmidt and Amy Lake

Contrary to initial instincts—how hard can it be to give away money?—exhausting settlement funds can be challenging … and costly. Whether due to lack of claims filed, inability to locate class members... Read More.




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