Shannon Wheatman

Shannon Wheatman

“When it comes to developing the best notice practicable, Kinsella Media understands the value of plain language as well as the need to strike an adequate balance between cost efficiency and reach effectiveness.”

Shannon Wheatman, Ph.D. specializes in designing, developing, analyzing, and implementing large-scale legal notification plans as well as direct notice campaigns. She provides testimony on the best notice practicable and is adept at finding cost-saving methods to satisfy due process. Her plain language expertise was advanced by her education, including her doctoral dissertation on plain language drafting of class action notice and her master’s thesis on comprehension of jury instructions.

Dr. Wheatman began her class action career in 2000 at the Federal Judicial Center where she was instrumental in the development of model notices to satisfy the plain language amendment to Rule 23. Dr. Wheatman has been involved in over 150 class actions and has been recognized as a notice expert in state and federal courts across the U.S. and in Canada.

Thought Leadership

Co-Author, "International Class Action Notice," World Class Actions (in press).

Co-Author, "U.S. Class Action Notice and Administration," AAI International Private Enforcement Handbook (in press).

Co-Author, "Hurricanes, Mobility and Due Process: ‘The Desire to Inform’ Requirement for Effective Class Action Notice is Highlighted by Katrina," Tulane Law Review (2006).

Co-Author, "Attorney Choice of Forum in Class Action Litigation: What Difference Does it Make?" Notre Dame Law Review (2006).

Co-Author, "Do You Really Want Me to Know My Rights? The Ethics Behind Due Process in Class Action Notice is More Than Just Plain Language: A Desire to Actually Inform," Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics (2005).


Ph.D. in social psychology, University of Georgia

M.S. in social psychology, University of Georgia

M.L.S. in legal studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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